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Data Backup Local and Cloud

Business continuity systems comes with a lot of challenge and overhead in this rapidly changing technical landscape. Also, depending on how the past systems were built there is always an issue to see if it is a reliable option or do we need to take some ad-hoc precautionary measures.

With solutions ranging from cloud data back-up, system configuration, network configuration for virtual working environment, disaster recovery planning, etc., we can deliver holistic solutions around them all and ensure that you are on the right path of succeeding with the business you have built so very passionately.

Our way of providing you with the best business continuity solution is to sit down and discuss your business framework, come up with a strategic delivery roadmap and then we make sure to meet the requirements of the deliverables and support you from all perspective of the IT. Core solutions we offer are but not limited to:

  • On-premises or Local Recovery

We can build local NAS drive for your office setup on your premises or we can have an automated backup solution into an external hard drive device, that will periodically take a full backup of your local drives on the computer, all of which can be physically networked or done wirelessly. This way you can have the backup onsite and around you always.

  • Cloud Backup Solution

If you are eager to be living in this digital and cloud-based age, then we have the most appropriate and secure solution for you in this regard. We have the most agile and secure cloud servers and networks created just for clients who could be skeptical on the cloud technology but at the same time interested in seeing what that technology has to offer you and how can we make your IT expense efficient and productivity effective.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

We have conceived some of the best disaster recovery roadmaps that have helped business save valuable time and money by reducing the downtime and securing 100% of the data. If we have implemented the first two services to your business, disaster recovery would not be needed but we always keep a contingency to rely upon.

  • Disaster Recovery Documentation

We made a beautiful plan for managing disaster recovery today and three years from now a disaster strikes. But at that time, we are unable to find some keep information on how and where the system is implemented and what are the necessary login details. Then the planning is of no use and futile as we can’t technically do any recovery. For such purposes, we always do a detailed documentation and maintain information, both with the client and us so we can act without wasting a second.