Gaming PC Repair


Gaming PC with Three Displays
The Gaming PC that you built for thousands of dollars broken down?. It is really frustrating. Not easily repairable as the techs with right skills and tools are not easy to find. Tired of getting quotes from high-end retail shops, whose only interest is to sell new hardware? Don’t worry, just bring it us. We will fix it at a fraction of the cost of what others have quoted for you. You may wonder how we can fix it which others can’t. Yes, this is what that makes us different. We have the right tools and right skills to fix any broken gaming PC.
The most common issues that we fix almost every day are
  • Issues with graphic cards which is often the costliest component of gaming PCs
  • Non booting gaming PCs due power supply failure or dead motherboards
  • Beeping gaming PCs due to bad RAM or any other issues
  • Conventional Hard Drive to SSD upgrade which will make your PC up to ten times faster