Video and Audio PCs


Altadigital is the only computer repair company in Calgary and Area which troubleshoots and fixes hardware issues related with costly and professional computers specifically used for Audio and Video editing. We fix any issue related to any hardware component in these high-end PCs.

We also build custom Video and Audio editing PCs.

Custom Built Video Editing PC under $ 2000

The CPU is the central part of any video PC. Based on tests, a six core i7 5820 series, hyper-threaded 2011 socket seems to be the best performance in this price range. The Asus Radeon R9 380 X is the best in class in this price range. For video editing it is helpful to have a video card but you don’t need a very powerful one for most of the tasks. We normally use an Asus X99 as the motherboard which is a fantastic mother board for a 2011 processor socket and DDR4 RAM. It can take upto 128 GB of RAM. The entry level RAM Configuration we prefer is 16GB which wont force you to an immediate RAM upgrade. Afterwards you can upgrade this to 32 GB for a 15 to 20% faster rendering and then to 64 GB for a 30% faster rendering. For storage what is recommended is a Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB SSD in combination with an HGST 4 TB conventional SATA hard drive. The SSD is used for installing the operating system and the video editing software. The Hard Drive is for the storage of footage and edited video. When it comes to editing video footage there is not a big difference between sourcing the footage from an SSD vs a hard drive.