Residential IT Support


Altadigital Mac & PC Services takes home calls to provide affordable solutions to residential clients at the comfort of their homes. Our certified technicians can provide service at your home often on the same day you call, including weekends and evenings.
Computer Repair Services we offer for residential clients in Calgary are
  • On site troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Installation of Routers
  • Home wireless network setup
  • Anti-virus and Internet Security
  • Media Centre Setup
  • Game Centre Setup.
  • VoIP Telephone Setup
  • Data Backup and Recovery


Wireless router provided by the internet service provider just died ?. Is the Wireless signal in your home is not reliable or varies in strength? Do you need a wireless extender.

When you change the router or the wireless access point, you have to setup wireless security and secure the access. The stored passwords in your laptops, cell phones, tablets and printers need to be changed. Our technicians not only perform these jobs onsite but also document it for your future reference.

BGA Machine for Motherboard Chip Level Repair